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Welcome to Klarnskou's Digital Advisory

Digitalization Advisory

Klarnskou is an agile and forward-thinking Digital Advisory dedicated to tackling the future challenges faced by business professionals. With a deep focus on digital leadership, obtained from years of experience in across industries, my ambition is to guide companies in their digital transformation. 


Founded in the summer of 2023, this advisory is at the forefront of innovation and we are passionate about equipping organizations with the skills and strategies needed to thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

“I founded the company with the purpose of helping companies achieving the best results, capitalizing on best practices, and strengthening the use of digital solutions in any company.” – Niklas Klarnskou

How I can help your company

Digital Advisory for Enhanced Organizational Efficiency


Digital Leadership Sparring

Enhancing your Leadership Style: Embracing Digitalization and Engaging the Younger Generation for Greater Impact.

Life is a continuous journey of personal development. If you find yourself constantly dealing with firefighting situations, talent loss, and the need to fill gaps left by departing employees in your leadership role, it may be a result of your leadership style inadvertently hindering your success.

This offer is not suitable for everyone; it requires an openness to change and a willingness to work on your approach to leading a department.

All sparring sessions will be conducted individually, providing a safe environment for your personal growth and development.

Take a bold step forward and invest in your own self-development and build a vision that leads your  department into the future.

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What I Do

Support for your company to select the right Digital Solution

Increase the adoption of your Source to Pay Digital Solutions

Managed Services, System Implementation and Tender Execution

Rebuild or enhance your Procurement Center of Excellence

Update your company's Procument Operationg Model & Enable it for the Future

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